The first time I took note of it’s significance was when I was frantically shopping through a Mitumba (used clothes) market looking for an outfit and accessories for a King’s Day event thrown by the Dutch Embassy here in Dar.  Everywhere I looked people were wearing orange.  It is not a colour I am used […]


I’ve been struggling for the last couple weeks to find a topic to introduce my working life / organization over here in Tanzania, and with the recent sentencing (or rather – lack thereof) of Brock Turner, the rapist from Stanford, the topic of this post is going to be centred mostly around rape.  I work […]


          Not to reinforce stereotypes, but the “This Is Africa” (TIA) moments I was promised when I told people I was moving to Tanzania are becoming increasingly frequent.  My “Western” rules of time, like the notion of punctuality, do me no good here.  For those that know me well, you would […]


          Spending a few weeks working on Rosetta Stone: Swahili before my big move falsely lead me to believe that the only greeting I would encounter here would be “habari” (how are you), and the only response “nzuri” (I’m good).  However, this could not be further from the truth.  Life in […]